My name is Sally Anne, I am a Asian-American immigrant self-employed in the erotic labor market.

The purpose of this blog is to warn other women of an organization operating in Las Vegas, NV calling themselves "Cupcake Girls".

NOTE: this org has nothing to do w/ the TV show of the same  name. It is a registered non-profit charity that purports to offer assistance & support to women in all faces of the sex trade / adult entertainment industry

I would advise any woman considering dealings w/ this org to lose the idea completely. STAY YOUR DISTANCE. run - dont walk - away from them. I cannot articulate this enough - you will be sorry if you have anything to do with them.

   ~ youve been duly warned ~

Cupcake Girls bills itself as a NGO that is sexworker positive and is all about helping women - and men - in the industry "be the best version of themselves", according to their website.  The reality is a far cry from this

 * This organization is exploitative and predatory in nature * They collect your personal information and store it in their database as well as keep a hard-copy file of an intake form filled out by the person seeking help.

Cupcake Girls proclaims that they offer various forms of direct assistance including - but not limited to - emergency housing, help w/ relocating, transportation, emergency food & clothing and counseling and support groups.  In addition, they claim to provide legal advocacy and connecting women to free legal, medical and dental care

NONE of these claims are true !  Its all a bunch of lies. This org is basically a fundraising machine, their practices are both unethical and highly questionable. Their modus operandi goes something like this :

They advertise in adult entertainment establishments and on social media that they are sexworker positive and will assist w/ emergency needs.

They fraudulently mislead their donor base by intentionally lying, claiming they do all these wonderful charitable things for sexworkers when in fact they do not.

They recruit donations via aggressive fundraising both in person and online and via speaking engagements at local groups. In all facets of fundraising and publicity they claim to support marginalized women in the sex trade.

The reality is as far removed from this as you can imagine. Their "assistance" consists solely of referring those seeking aid to *existing* social & human services organizations. ALL referrals are to outside agencies, they have no in-house resources whatsoever.

Some of the agencies they refer those seeking aid to are public and county / state funded, others are federal welfare & workforce programs and yet others are faith-based charities.  Either way, you will never get anything from them that you cant get off of google your own self.

Prior to approaching them for assistance, I reached out to various public social & human services agencies including the Division of Welfare, Help of SoNev, Shade Tree etc. 

Amazingly, many of the above listed orgs actually believe Cupcake Girls is actively helping women in the sextrade and will refer such women to Cupcakes. Who will do nothing except refer you right back to the original charity !!!

The protocol for applying for the (non-existent) help from Cupcakes is highly questionable and their operating methods are suspect .  They will meet you at a neutral location ( such as a coffee shop ) and demand you fill out an "intake" form in which you are required to disclose your personal identification information including full legal name, d/o/b, address and even social security #. This is all done w/ them adamently assuring you they will do their utmost to meet your need(s)

Instead, they will proceed to farm you out to whatever other public / private charity or agency is already set up to handle your type of need. In other words : requests for legal representation are referred to the county legal aid office.  similarly : requests for emergency food will result in your being directed to any number of private church food pantries and they will urge you to apply for foodstamps and any other type of government welfare.

The cruelest blow is when it comes to emergency shelter ! They give ladies google maps to the homeless shelter and refer you to a church to get a bus pass.  They do NOT - as they falsely claim - transport clients . They say its for liability reasons. 

Ive personally connected w/ many women in Las Vegas area who have had the same experiences and been turned away dismissively or kicked to the curb


Any woman, such as myself who then goes on social media or review sites and complains about them; if they know ( or suspect ) you are they one who posted the negative review or comment, they will notify the authorities that you are a sexworker. 

In my case : they sent the Vice Squad to my home and falsely told them that I was providing commercial sexual services out of the premises. This is patently untrue.  They also said I was defaming them on social media.  Other women have had similar experiences with having Child Protective Services called on them by these evil women. I myself have no children, but sexworkers with children have experiences unwarranted intervention by Child Welfare authorities. In many cases : if the woman has a significant other in her life, such as a husband or boyfriend, Cupcake Girls will tell police that that man is her pimp, causing the authorities to break up the family. 

The woman who runs this organization : Joy Hoover is a con artist and a pathological liar.

Other women have complained this organization uses "bait & switch" techniques, and refers those seeking housing assistance to religious prostitute programs like the notorious Hookers for Jesus and the like.  These "Rehab for Rahab" homes - as they are commonly known - operate on the premise that the sex industry is evil and you need to be "rehabilitated" from < the life >  in the same way a drug addict or alchoholic is rehab'd.  To that end : the programs have jail-like conditions where you cannot have access to a phone or internet and cannot have visitors for the first 3-6 months depending on your "progress"

The  realityTV show "8minutes" was heavily criticized by many sexworker advocates and even by some anti-trafficking orgs for operating under false premises.  Even Joy Hoover herself attacked the show and its star.  Interestingly, enough Joy Hoover was herself once a candidate for a reality TV show featuring "prostitute rescues" but she was turned down and the deal fell through.  So her real issue with 8 minutes is not in the way they did business, but jealously that she wasnt the one picked as she has been trying to get her *save-a-ho* mission on reality TV for a number of years now

The way Cupcake Girls operates is to visit licensed, legitimate sexually oriented establishments such as brothels - which are legal in the outlying rural areas of NV - and strip clubs in and around Vegas. She and her posse arrive bearing cupcakes trailed by the paparrazzi who pop flashy pics which she then posts on her social media sites.  She then offers the ladies therein employed "resource cards" and offers them to call her if they need assistance "getting connected to community resources"

Many women in the industry find her mission insulting in the extreme. They maintain they are perfectly capable of availing themselves of existing community service agencies w/out being referred by Hoover. They also find it strange that she barges into their place of employment seeking to socialize with them when they are there to earn money.  Many articles of protest have been written that is is a basially useless organization

However : women who complain generally do so anonymously - fearing the wrath of Joy Hoover if it becomes public that they make less than complementary remarks about her.

In my case : Joy Hoover's rancor and vengeful hate culminated in her sending the vice squad to my residence under false pretenses.  I am now being evicted from the apartment community by the property manager. This is what happens when you call her out on her game she is running

I would encourage anyone who has been hurt by this charity to send letters to the secretary of state and the attorney generals office in both Nevada & Oregon, where they have a satellite location ( in Portland )  According to public filings, they rake in some mad money and Hoover pays herself a handsome salary for visiting strip clubs and handing out referrals to resources that are publicly available.

Virtually *none* of the donations they collect actually go to benefit sexworkers in need. I believe this meets the legal definition of the word "racket"

Their vindictiveness towards those who would critique their practices show how far they will go to silence their dissenters

I recommend, for your safety to stay away from this "charity".


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